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Big Sean – Higher

Big Sean  Higher MP3 DOWNLOAD

American High Rated Rapper Big Sean Return with New Hit song Label Higher the sound Is unique Among Detroit Mixtape kindly Download Mp3 Below Free

YeahIs this what they want?YeahThis what they want, nigga (You see it)Uh, GodFinally FamousCartel, Comission, whateverG.O.O.DAnything but broke, nigga
My, my, my, as the world turnsToday if I don’t earn, best believe I’m gon’ learnIf I can’t do either or, shit it’s none of my concernWatch my enemies burn as I f-fill every urn, ahReminiscing on the rappers I would look up toThe ones who want my feature price and the hookup tooThe girls I fantasized about tryna hookup tooNiggas seven feet, telling me I’m who they look up toHuh, and bitches still telling me to grow upDon’t invite ’em to my shows but always still manage to show upMan, I made myself a boss and then I gave me a promotion (Whoa)And I step inside the booth and change the world like I be votin’So when you step inside my office, treat that bitch like it’s the OvalEl presidente, lord, senseiDo ya job, it could be pay your rent day, getting risquéCrazy nigga, they ain’t seen it like this since ‘Ye, yeahWell, this the life that I liveCollecting everything overdue for all the work that I overdidD-Town but Chi-Town they love me like I’m Oprah, kidTryna make it to the top so I can let my dogs know it exist‘Cause when you come from the bottom, man, it’s so hard to get a glimpseSo hard to get a glimpse, so while I’m here I might take a picAnd show ’em that it’s more to the world than tryna make a livingLike changing it then looking back and saying that we did itOkay, como me llamoShe say, Ingles, no habloMan unless it’s eat me out, thoughBenihana, my McDonald, all black leather jacketsWhile I ride in my DiabloSwear I feel like I’m KeanuWishing Lamborghinis made a five do’‘Cause I got too many real ma’fuckers I ride for, die for, uhStraight out the metropolitanMy city need a hero so I treat it like MetropolisAnd it’s a few bad Lois Lanes I can’t nameEven though I’m me, Lord knows that I can’t saveBut I’m still the same me, same clique, the same hood, the same bitchI came up, my bank up, but I stack that like I ain’t richBack when we was on college tours with Wale, man, we ain’t make shitFrom Greensboro to SoCal, man all the way back to CambridgeAnd Michigan State, close to my Michigan estateMan we was tryna get away, man, we was tryna get ordainedAnd damn (And damn), tomorrow never seemed so closeAnd life ain’t what it seem no mo’ (No mo’)‘Til I was standing next to Puff and Hov, off the French coastA million dollars never seemed so brokeAnd every bitch I’m fucking praying they the one I settle withAnd niggas suin’ me and they just banking on the settlementNever settlin’, life is too fast just to settle inSo many rocks up in my bezel, police thought embezzlemetLike damn
Shit (Boy)Can’t a young nigga live, man?We done worked too hardYup (G.O.O.D.)Finally Famous, niggaLil’ hoesWe ain’t goin’ broke, nigga



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