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BBNaija Season 5 First Head Of House, HOH Task

BBNaija Season 5 First Head Of House, HOH Task

Last Updated on July 20, 2020

The BBNaija season 5 Housemates gathered at the arena this evening to perform the first task of the season 5 which is the Head of House Challenge.

As Biggie painstakingly explained the task for the evening, he also dropped a bombshell.

The bombshell revealed that unlike the past seasons of the big brother Naija show, the season 5 HOH task will not change, rather it will be the same task throughout the show this year.

When Biggie was done revealing that, he asked the housemate to carefully look round the game items placed in the arena in order to familiarize with it.

The game which is more like a ladder game where housemates are to play a dice of numbers. Once the dice rolls on 6, the housemate will move his or her efiggy to the starting point of the cubes on the map.

After that, the housemate will roll the dice again and for every number he or she roll, there is an instruction attached as well as also moving the effigy by a count of the number rolled. The instructions includes removing a rope or peeling and eating two or more eggs or drinking a bottle of water.

The end point of the game is that the winning housemate will get to the cube with the throne of the HOH on the map. The time stipulated for each housemate is 1 minute.

With the murmur of unclear instructions from the housemates, Biggie asked for a volunteer who would perform a trial task. After much reluctance from the housemates, Dorathy confidently stepped out as a volunteer. She performed the trial task and the game began in full swing.

The first housemate to perform was Trickytee. He lost with biggie accusing him of cheating the game. Trickytee confessed to cheating, apologized and he was pardoned.

The game saw us through interesting performances by each of the housemates. A particular one is that of Laycon who didnt get to roll number 6 at his first roll. He rolled number 6 at the last minute. Hence, he couldn’t move past the first stage of the game.

Biggie funnily expressed sadness for him. Biggie said “Laycon, i feel so sad for you, you may move your efiigy to the starting point and go back to your seat”.

Tolani also made a mistake in her game. She miscounted the box and went all the way back at a point where she was supposed to move forward. After the buzzer went off, Tolani was pissed at the housemate trying to point her mistakes to her and she said “you guys were not counting for me now, were you?”

At the end of the game, there was a tie between Neo and Nengi. They were allowed to roll their dices once more.

After the second trial, they both had a tie again. They did it a third time and they both had a tie again on the third trial.

At this point, Biggie instructed them both to go over the game again and again until there is a winner.

There was no winner yet. Biggie then asked them both to count the number of steps that will take them each to get to the last cube having the throne diagram. They both said 2 and Biggie asked them to keep rolling till one of them rolls number 2 first.

At the end, Nengi rolled number 2 first and she won the Head of House, HOH this week.

Nengi chose Wathoni as the housemate to enjoy the privileges of the HOH with her during the week.

Nengi is the first Housemate to win the HOH of the BBNaija season 5


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