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Lil Baby – Freestyle

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American Rapper Lil Baby Dubbed New Jam tagged “Freestyle” The sound is amazing Kindly Stream Mp3 Free below here free

Already hit song It’s Freestyle by Lil Baby

Da Vinci (Da Vinci, Da Vinci)YeahShoutout the whole Oakland City, manYou know what I’m sayin’? The whole 4PFYou know what I’m sayin’? I put this up
Shoutout my label, that’s meI’m in this bitch with TBI’m in this bitch with 4 TreyI just poured up me a eightReal nigga all in my faceFive hunnid racks in my safeFive hunnid racks to the plugWhat you know ’bout showin’ love?What you know ’bout pullin’ up, in Bentley trucks?Make these bitches fall in loveAll of my niggas on goNone of my niggas no hoAll of my niggas want smokeAll of my niggas together We came from the bottom We used to wear each other clothesNone of my niggas gon’ foldCouple pussy niggas toldThey ain’t my niggas no mo’Hold it down for the 4In the 9 with the woesMarlo my dawg that’s fo’ sho’We won’t fall out about shitSpecially not ’bout no bitchWe ain’t gon’ fall out ’bout hoesMe and Ced get them loadsWe let ’em go for the lowI got my hood in controlI got my left wrist on frozeI got my right wrist on frozeI got my necklace on frozeBoth of my ears on frozeI been gettin’ faded, I’m sippin’ on mapleIf she won’t fuck, I won’t make herI don’t like bitches with makeupIf she want titties I pay for ’emGet outta there when I wake upI pass the ball I don’t layupI’m a big boss, I got say soThey’ll wipe you down if I say soDracos, on Dracos, on Dracos, on Dracos.40s, on .40s, on .40sI just bought me some new waterWetter than Katrina, shoutout New OrleansI made a promise my niggas gon’ ballHard in the paint, change my name to John WallGeekin’ off trees like a leaf in the fallFind a new plug then we takin’ ’em allPull up in a brand new Benz TruckHop out fresher than a mentholLil’ nigga, but I’m big dawgAll I gotta make is one callHit a nigga block, took offCross a nigga up, Hot SauceOoh, I got ’em mad, my faultTalking bout the shit that I boughtPoppin’ these Percs, I done turned to a savageHunnid racks stuffed in the mattressHunnid racks stuffed in the atticHunnid racks stuffed in the sofaThese niggas play gangsta, but they won’t approach meI know they’ll never approach meThey know that they’ll catch a bulletI rock the game to the fullestI run with some real ones, I don’t hang with no pussiesI ain’t no killer don’t push meI see how you niggas be lookin’I hope you don’t think you no bully I’m livin’ the life, I should star in a movieRidin’ in a ‘Vert with a uzi12 get behind me I lose ’emThey tryna guess what I’m doin’They tryna guess who I’m screwin’That ain’t even they businessThey ain’t wanna fuck with meNow they see a nigga drippin’Now they wanna fuck with meThey can’t get in touch with meHardly ever in the cityThey just know I’m gettin’ biggerThey just know a nigga busyI been runnin’ up them digits, yeah




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