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BBNaija2020: Read a story of Laycon&Erica(A story of friendship, rejection, betrayal and Pain)

Laycon&Erica(A story of friendship, rejection, betrayal and Pain

Laycon & Erica Story
I remember the primary week when biggie played Laycon’s song and therefore the beginning of a budding friendship between an excellent talented artist, Laycon and an excellent lover of the humanities , Erica. Erica was Laycon’s Cheerleader.Their friendship was genuine and priceless.They were almost Besties.

As almost the case when two people starts getting super close , Laycon developed feelings and expressed it to Erica . However , Kidd was already within the picture and Erica unfortunately didn’t feel an equivalent way. Laycon’s Ego was hurt.

Laycon’s Ego was hurt not simply because Erica rejected him but the rationale why she rejected him, His looks and physique.This is something he probably has been handling all his life. Perhaps, He doesn’t get the prettiest girls beacause all of them want to friend-zone him.

Laycon’s friendship was first put to check when he started talking with the opposite housemates about his situation with Erica. The Narrative made Erica appear as if she was manipulative and deliberately twiddling with his emotions and he did nothing to correct it rather he fueled it.


Erica handled things very recklessly. She used some very hurtful words and no-one deserves to be treated that way .Laycon did well by not reacting brashly albeit his reaction may need been different outside the house. He’s smart , don’t forget. He could get a strike from Big Brother.

There is no excuse for bad behavior but we must also remember that it’s a reality show that ought to show us reality. It’s a also a game so people should be calculative.

Erica has been disqualified for behaving badly but that might crush her so badly because she has been psychological state.

Now let’s see the fate of Kiddwaya and Laycon


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